Plymouth sounds largest boat RibCraft.

Plymouth Sound BSAC is fortunate to have access to two Ribs which allow us to cater to different group sizes and dive site locations. Both Tornado and Ribcraft are stored at The Mount Batten Centre in the Club Headquarters.

Diving with Plymouth BSAC offers you year round diving and the chance to dive the lesser visited sites within a 20 mile limit of Plymouth Sound. Plymouth has a wonderful maritime heritage that stretches from the Bronze age to the present day that includes maritime and shipping, military and aircraft, fishing, industrial and transport, piers, docks and harbours as well as Roman and prehistoric sites.

As a club we are fortunate enough to have Mallory Hass as a club member. Mallory is the lead behind The SHIPS Project which undertakes research and exploration of maritime historical sites. Which is of interest and benefit to club diving as members can be called upon to dive unknown and never visited diving marks within Plymouth Sound.

Plan a Dive

We organise our diving through volunteer Dive Managers. The Dive Manager is the person who organises the day’s Diving activities.

Working alongside the clubs Diving Officer any member can become a Dive Manager and organise a dive.

The benefits of being a dive manager is you can pick the Dive Site, Day and time to suit your plans. That could be a Dive site you’ve not visited in ages or a new site which has been researched.

We can run a Diver Cox operation or a dedicated cox. All that is required is the ability to launch and recover the boats and good weather

If you don’t feel comfortable running your own dives. You can come and learn the ropes by becoming a club member.

Take a look at our Dive Manager guidance.

Plymouth Dive Sites

Inland Dive Sites

Delphy Pool Inland Dive Site

Deep Wreck diving from Plymouth

As a club we have a group of active technical divers who regularly visit the deeper dive sites Plymouth has to offer.

These sites tend to be 50m plus and a little further offshore. Where possible we still use the Club RIBs as it offers flexibility, speed and is more cost efficient for members. Below are just some of the popular wrecks. Discover more deep wrecks in Plymouth’s Inner Patch of water.

East Point
Not the Stockforce

Other sites
North Cornwall wrecks: