SS Zone

SS Zone – 50:16:419N – 05:29:368W

The SS Zone was a refrigerated cargo vessel that was on route from Boulogne to Barry whilst carrying a cargo of frozen offal when she was torpedoed by U-110 when 4 miles north of St. Ives, Cornwall – Dec 30th 1917. The Zone was built in 1903 by Thompson and Sons at Sunderland. She was over 100m long and weighed in at nearly 4000 tons and with a steam triple expansion engine and 3 boilers.

The SS Zone lies in about 32m of water on a light sandy bed. Visibility is often quite good so a dive in good sunshine makes for a bright dive. The Zone is quite broken up owing to salvage, but her 3 boilers are quite distinct as are the remains of her refrigeration units and the propellor shafts. The remains of the engine and engine pistons are impressive. Owing to the depth and visibility this is a well worth dive.