Mewstone Ledges

Mewstone Ledges (A large area to explore centred around 50°18.10 N, 4°6.28 W)

A ten-minute RIB ride south from Plymouth Sound’s breakwater, the Mewstone is an island that was once joined to the nearby shore. It’s now an isolated and impressive sight as it rises high above the surface of the water. No less impressive below, the Mewstone slopes 15-30m in places.

The site is great for scenic dives and especially for divers with a depth restriction shallower than 30m including for upping the experience levels of novices. The gradual increase in depth means it’s easy to have a controlled environment in which to further a diver’s exposure to depth. With fingers of rock stretching out into gullies of light coloured sand combined with prolific marine life, the Mewstone makes an ideal spot for the underwater photographer.

Mewstone Ledges are a favorite for Plymouth Sound Dive Club evening dives or when it gets a bit choppy and a trip much further down the coast could lead to green faces.