Hatt Rock

Hatt Rock (50°10.470 ’N, 04°29.180 W’)

A 14 nm journey from Plymouth, a dive at Hatt Rock depends on favourable weather conditions, but the rock’’s isolated location has its advantages and Plymouth Sound Dive Club will get there several times a year.

Following the shot onto the top of the rock at 25m below low water level with nothing else around is like being in a wilderness – comparable to standing on a rocky tor on the wild and empty landscape of Dartmoor.

Due to its depth there is only sparse kelp and seaweeds on the pinnacle and, beyond that, the rock plunges to more than 60m. The sides are covered in brightly coloured jewel and plumose anemones with dense sea fans in places and wildlife that is not found closer inshore including cushion stars and slipper lobsters have been reported there. Don’t try to drop onto the pinnacle without following a shot.