HILSEA POINT ROCK: 50°17.305 N, 04°02.646 W

Hilsea Point Rock is a popular scenic dive suitable for all grades of diver. While slack water gives optimum conditions, a drift dive is possible after half tide for the more experienced. Located south of the old coastguard lookout hut on the cliff face, east of the point itself, the rock rises just a few metres from the surface and descends over a broken rocky sea bed to 25m. A narrow canyon – wide enough for a diver to swim through – offers sightings of cup corals, jewel anemones and sponges,  ‘The underwater scenery is spectacular and you can see most of the colourful species in the popular identification guides,’ says Jeremy Clark. ‘You can see all of the UK wrasse species, John Dory, dogfish and, albeit a rarer sight, monkfish.


Sketch map of Hilsea