West Rutts

West Rutts – 50 13.693 N – 04 05.279 W

Not often dived – but should be. 2 blocks of reef in a E – W configuration. Reaching 25m down to 40m. The West Rutts is a lovely reef dive. A little dark, but with slabs of slate encrusted with all sorts of animals. Owing to the fact that this site is rarely dived, then underwater surprises can happen. The last time I dived the West Rutts, I saw a sunfish finning at 25m.

Divers – This is a slack water dive. Vis is best after a flow tide. Slack water is around 3 hrs before HW and 3 hrs after. In a drift, divers will be swept off the reef into quite deeper water. Depth is 25m to 40m.