The Persier Whitsun Monday 27th May 2019

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

A very suprisingly good dive on the Persier on Bank Holiday Whitsun Monday. Strong westerly winds was forecast from lunchtime but we made it out there and back albeit very slowly on a lumpy sea on the return journey. From the moment we went below the buoy on the shotline the sea was blue with very little snotty plankton. From around 10-15m just a bit greener with a light stringy plankton but down on the wreck it was just WOW!! 10-15m clear visibility. The best I have seen this wreck for a long time. Made a nice change actually seeing the wreck sprawled out in front of me and not having to piece it together section by section. Plenty of fish, crabs, crayfish, congers and lots of wreckage. To actually see the steering quadrant in all it’s glory from top to bottom was a real treat and looking from in front of the Gun Turret too!

My Buddy, Peter Messenger, several metres away taking photos – loving this green sea and vis!
A lovely dinner plate size crab hiding away inside the wreckage -I only took a photo and not the crab
The steering quadrant in all it’s glory with the gun turret a few metres in front of it.
Closer to the Steering Quadrant with my buddy there on the left side
Ah there is my buddy, Peter, coming back from behind the Steering Quadrant
My buddy approaching the boilers
Here he comes, from the other side of the boilers
Lots of Bib on this part of the Persier wreck

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