Battery Buoy – 29th May 2019

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

Due to the strong south westerly winds we had to find a sheltered site, so decided on Battery Buoy and we made slack water too! Of course it was dark below 25m but the water column was quite clear, green but clear, around 3-5m but a good 5-8m above 25m and lighter and clearer.  My buddy Simon and I counted at least 8 lobsters, I saw a crayfish (no photo though because it was deep inside a small cavern) lots of bib sheltering inside a larger cavern, conger eel, lots of different types of crabs, plenty of large scallops, nudibranchs everywhere leaving all their eggs scattered around in the shallows and a couple of mermaid purses. We came across a deep drop off with a large opening into a huge cave – but unable to go inside as we had already started to come back from our deepest part of the dive. (38m) Next time I’m going in there!

Plymouth Sound SAC divers in the Ribcraft on the way out to Battery Buoy
Congor Eel peeking out of his hiding hole
White Anenomes hiding amongst the fern at around 20m on the bank
One of the many lobsters we spotted – only took photos not the lobsters
Another one of the lobster’s coming out to say hello
Mustard coloured sponge – Mermaid’s Glove hanging off the edge of the wall drop off
Light bulb sea squirt
My buddy checking out the side of the drop off walls at around 38m
Mermaids Purse – Dogfish Egg – saw a few of these and a Dogfish too!
A lone Anenome
Three SMB’s from the threesome just in front of the Battery – perfect

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