PERSIER WRECK – 13th July 2020

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

Saturday morning dive on the Persier. There was a plankton blanket from the surface down to around 15/18m then the vis was around 3/4m but dark and very green, then the sun went in for a few minutes which then made it very dark just like a night dive. Very difficult to get any really decent photographs unless doing macro, but didn’t want to do that on this Wreck. I saw a free swimming Congo, angler fish, loads of different species of fish, and the usual crustaceans and star fish. Always a great dive. My photos show exactly as it was.

My buddy just a couple of metres away
Almost like a night dive
John Arkle & Catherine Gill
My buddy, John Wilkinson on our safety stop – taken half a metre away
Ribcraft team all with face coverings post coronavirus Lock Down

2 thoughts on “PERSIER WRECK – 13th July 2020

  1. Hi Richard. Just taking a trip down memory lane. Any new posts now we are clear of Covid?.

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