Rosehill Wreck dive – Sunday 17th November 2019

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

Sunday Dive with four divers (one had to abort) and Nautical Nick our non diving Cox made the most of flat calm seas, and a dry, sunny day to dive the Rosehill. The vis on the bottom was around 4-6m (not bad at all considering the bad weather lately) was a bit dark, probably due to the vis being quite milky and dense between 6m-15m. The Rosehill was heavily populated with pleny of Bib and Pouting and a few very large Cod. Also congor, crabs, lots of crawfish. Slight current towards the end, but we managed to cover most of the wreck. One of the best dives I have had on this wreck. Sea temp around 12/13c

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