The Orchis Wreck Saturday 7th July 2019

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

The Orchis is close to Polperro and Looe, also near a very lovely reef called Owens Rock. The Orchis has flattened out over the years where the bridge has collapsed and the bow is not easy to identify. The depth is from 41m – 47m. We had a good slack water, at least 15/20m vis, sea temp around 15c on the bottom and 16c on the stops. Lots of fish, loads of Crayfish, a couple of swimming Congor Eels. Loads of Jelly Fish on the Deco. This is a small wreck which can be easily completed on one dive. Best on Slack water.

Collapsed Bridge


Navigating around the part where the stern has broken off
Big boiler which has a few crawfish making it their home
More wreckage
Free swimming Congor Eel at the broken off stern end
Plenty of varied Jellyfish keeping us amused on the deco stop
Spot the little fishy in the tendrils of this Jellyfish

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