Cornwall Dive Trip – July 2019 – 9 days diving

Day One diving Penzance with Colin Ayres.  Finally the weather has started to settle down after all that rain yesterday and last night. Still a bit windy, but we made it out to the wreck Hellopes. 36m down and I would say around about 10/15m vis and 16c sea temp on the bottom and 17c sea temp on the deco stops. Saw a few dolpins on the surfact close to Rib when John Shelley and Paul Grainger dropped in, but after that they were gone. Lots of crawfish on the wreck and a small lobster, several large fish – not sure what make and model they were, but all in all that was the best dive I have ever had on this particular wreck. Saw stuff down there that I never knew was there. And what was that round Diving bell looking thing on the port side just off the wreck near to the boilers?? Thanks to Hot Doc for being my buddy too 

2nd day: We’ve arrived! Longships lighthouse waiting for slack! Now that makes a change. No underwater photos taken on this dive as we just could not get slack water therefore all expecting a fast drift dive. First buddy pair had just that in deep water. Other divers experienced similar, but two CCR divers found a bit of slack in deep water and thoroughly enjoyed their dive. My dive with my buddy was fortunate to get slack water as we was the last buddy pair in – we had a lovely dive finding lots of white sand seabed and several clusters of rock standing up to 5m high – plenty of marine life – just wish I took my camera with me.

3rd Day Diving out of Penzance Cornwall. Today the dive was on the Mulberry. Just out from Penzance slip beyond the Hellopes. Sea was calmer today, with some swells, but not as bad as yesterday! Lighter winds, no sun, just white sky! Great dive though, caught slack, sea temp around 16/17c. The Mulberry was crawling with Brittle Star and Plumose Anenomes. Some fish too! Vis around 20m – photos not brilliant due to not enough time to play with settings and being so deep – 50m to bottom and 36m on the top. Always a good dive.

4th day diving out of Cornwall this time from Hayle on the Princess Royal wreck lying in 40m rising to around 36m. Vis around 10/15m with lots of particles in the water column and darker than on the south coast of Cornwall. Lovely wreck, lots to see, including the prop, boilers, winches, porthole, lots of bib and Tompot Blennies and lobsters. Definitely a dive to do.

5th diving day out of Hayle diving the Pandora Wreck. Bit windy, no sun, even though the whole of the UK are having a heatwave. Big sea swells but vis around about 10/15m bit dark but mainly because there was no sun, 16c sea temp on the bottom at 45m and 17c in the shallows and on the deco stops. Noticeably to me was lots winches and lots of Nissen Huts (I think thats what they was anyway!) but the wreck itself was sprawled out over the sandy seabed all to be seen. There was an anchor and a couple of boilers too. Managed to cover the whole length of the wreck. Some divers saw lobsters, but I didn’t, not many fish either. On the stops was very tiny blue jellyfish but to far away to take photos of. Bit boring on the 15 minute stop so I decided to take a few selfies 

6th diving day out of Cornwall, today was out from Penzance. Change of plan due to the breezy s/sw winds and heavy sea swells we dived the Hellopes again. Visibility not as good as a few days ago though – around 4/5m but sea temperature 17c on the bottom at 38m and 18c on the stops. Only took one photo on the wreck to show the difference a few days make.

7th day diving out of Hayle again today. Weather seems to have calmed down, wind dropping but big rolling sea swells. Dive site was the wreck of Kintuck. Depth at bottom was 34m sea temp around 16c on the bottom and 17c on the stops. 15m / 20m vis and very clean and bright on the wreckage. Fun (not) trying to take photos when the swells are on the bottom pushing you side to side – just got to get the rythm going I suppose. (Mostly using natural ligh)  Lots and lots of fish, a couple of giant crawfish, edible crabs walking along the seabed. Not much of a ship left but lots of wreckage scattered about. A good fun dive to have a leisurely look around.

8th day diving trip out of Cornwall. This wreck was the Zone out of Hayle. Vis not as good as the day before – around 6/8m also not very light considering the sun was out. Depth around 32m. This wreck is very broken up and spread out so had to hunt around to find the wreckage pieces. Boilers definitely there and the large anchor well encrusted and camouflaged with kelp etc. Plenty of fish, congers and shrimps hanging around the boilers. Tompot Bennie’s, bib, big ballan wrasse, crabs, a few big crawfish too. Not a bad dive, probably better if the vis was as better and lighter. I’m not at all happy with photos but at least they show what the Zone has to offer.

9th day – last diving day of his Cornwall diving club trip was on the Runnel Stone where the wreck of the City of Westminster is scattered around a few gullies and around the reefs. My buddy and I was very fortunate to be dropped onto a beautiful part of the reef that reminded me very much of Hand Deeps. Dropped in at around 15m with the depth going down to 40m +. We travelled around the reef and came across most of the Westminster wreck sprawled out in front of us. Then around the other side of the huge boulders forming the reef was yet more of the wreck. Fabulous dive with vis around 20m+ Such a fantastic dive to finish the dive trip with.

9th day divers after the last day of Colin Ayres Cornwall dive trip. 
Big thanks to Colin for running a spectacular dive trip. Great dives, great company and great weather. Thank you