SS Lab – 6 May 19

It’s not often that you end up on a completely different wreck to that which you intended but, much to our surprise, that’s what happened today. The plan was to dive the SS Birgitte so we set the shot up on the site shown in the GPS in the Tornado. Once on the bottom it became clear that the wreck we were on was completely inverted and there is only one like this in the local area which is the SS Lab. Two of the team had dived in in 2018 so were able to confirm that this was correct!

The SS Lab was one of four ships from Convoy PW-250 that were attacked and sunk by German e-boats in the early hours of 19th November 1942. Fortunately it is believed there were no casualties and it now lies in approx 68-69m to the SE of the Eddystone lighthouse.

Despite getting the ‘wrong’ wreck it was an outstanding dive with great underwater visibility of 6+ metres on the bottom and a completely flat sea making for great transits. The wreck can be easily penetrated under the side and through holes in the hull allowing much of the dive to take place inside it. Both pairs were able to visit the bow and travel as far back as the boilers.

A very grateful thanks to our two coxswains, Richard K and John W, for their support.

Our team of Will S (DM), Dom R, Paul D and Ben M supported by Richard K and John W
The SS Lab
Paul and Dom on the descent
Tough surface conditions
The anchor chain
Our way out!
Paul under the starboard side
Decent trim from Paul
Epic vis
What to do on a deco stop
Two hours after descending