South East Pinnacle at Eddystone 5th May 2019

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

After much deliberation and checking tides, wind and more importantly, the VIS reports, we finally went diving today, and the chosen site was a South East Pinnacle at Eddystone to try to avoid the dark and thick plankton. The vis was as we hoped, clearer, cleaner and not so thick. The Spring Tide slack was not as slack as we hoped, but amongst the drift and slightly turbulant current the dive was most enjoyable though a little challenging for taking photos. Lovely dive site with lots of shallow to deep gulleys and small pinnacles with plenty of marine life to check out.

Masses of jewel anenomes smothering the pinnacles
Another jewel anemone smothered rockface hiding in the plankton bloom
Many juvennile cuckoo wrasse swimming around the reef
The ionic Lighthouse alongside the removed original

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