HMS Untiring – 23 Apr 19

With bad weather forecast for later in the week, it was decided to make the most of the conditions with a dive on the HMS Untiring in Bigbury Bay. This was built during WW2 and mainly served in the Mediterranean before being sunk as a sonar target in 1957. It now lies in approx 55m with a list to the port side.

Under our dive manager, Craig H, four of us (Greg P, Dom R and Jason K) managed to dive the Untiring in two waves each having a run time of 70 mins. Despite just coming off a big spring, the current didn’t have too much of an impact on the dive although the May bloom did bring visibility down to a mere 2-3m.

HMS Untiring in its unsunk glory
Dom and Greg on surface cover
Nice bollards!
This picture of Greg illustrates the vis pretty well
The bloom is definitely here
Always a welcome sight!

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