Hatt Rock – 30th March 2019

Some of the divers after their dive on Hatt Rock – all very happy with their experience even though there was no rust!
Steve Porter taking video of the amazing reef wall covered in jewel anenomes
Lots of Sea Urchin hanging out on around the reef ledges
Looking up from around 30m to the top of the reef into the sunlight
Yellow and pink jewel anenomes opened up and feeding
My buddy Steve Porter
Miniscule jelly fish on the deco stops – this one is the size of my small finger nail

Hatt Rock was amazing as always. Vis was at least a bright 10m but since checking the photos there was a lot of tiny jelly type plankton in the water column – the sun shone all the way down the depths as far as 35/40m, reflecting on the plankton – lovely blue sea, no current, some fish life but not a lot – lots of colourful anenomes but plumose were closed. Lots of interesting tiny jelly fish on the deco stop.

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