North Pinnacle Eddystone Reef

Such a fantastic Dive today! North Pinnacle off the Eddystone Reef. Flat calm / mirror calm sea all the way out there, sunshine, white fluffy clouds, bit chilly – air temp around 7-8c. Great Company – thanks guys. Porpoises on the way out in the Sound. No other boats around (why??) Underwater vis at least 10m sea temp around 10c. No big crabs, no congors, no Crawfish, but plenty of sea urchins, starfish, especially lots of baby starfish and lots and lots of fish, including territorial cuckoo wrasse.
Thanks to John Shelley for fuelling up ahead of time, to Paul Grainger as my secretary – collecting fees and stats, thanks to Richard Knights and Robin Nash for being my buddies and sticking with me and to Will Schwarz and Greg Partridge for the finale entertainment.

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