Eddystone Horseshoe Reef – 6 Jan 19

As the sea conditions were very good with just a soft swell, and the weather was dry and cloudy with no wind we just had to go back to Eddystone Lighthouse. We dived around the Horseshoe reef area (close to the lighthouse between the rocks either side, starting around 20m then heading sw/w to the deeper end at around 30m and going deeper. All the anenomes were closed up, and not much marine life about but lots of the usual crabs, starfish, sea urchins and seaslugs. Six divers enjoyed a dive between 50 – 65 mins as the vis is still a good 8-10m though not quite as clear as the other day, and still a good 11-12c sea temp.

3 thoughts on “Eddystone Horseshoe Reef – 6 Jan 19

    1. There’s all sorts on the seabed but, in my experience, it is difficult to identify anything as the weather smashes everything up so badly.

  1. Can I get in touch with Simon Roberts? He’s an old flatmate of mine back in the mid 1980s! It’d be great to have a chat

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