Medoc – 22 Sep 19

Despite the challenging weather conditions, 8 divers (four members and four guests) made our way out to the wreck of the SS Medoc which lies half way to the Eddystone in approx 53m of water. A former cargo ship the Medoc was commandeered by the French Navy at the beginning of WW2 and then fled across the channel in 1940. Sunk by a German torpedo she flew the French, Polish and British flags reflecting her multi national origins and crew (the excellent SHIPS Project website has the full story)!

Side scan imagery of SS Medoc courtesy of Plymouth University

The neap tidal conditions allowed us to dive in two waves with all divers getting approx 75 mins in the water of which nearly 40 mins was the bottom. Visibility was a very pleasant 4-5m and there was plenty of ambient light making it a great experience. The best bit was the huge number of small fish which at times even made it difficult to see the wreck. I’ve never seen them before in these quantities

Video footage on the Medoc showing the stunning numbers of fish

One of our guests was the BSAC National Diving Officer, Dai Atkins, and it was a particular pleasure to show him the club facilities and give him a feel for the excellent diving available out of Plymouth.

Happy divers about to head out
Fish everywhere!

There are large numbers of shell cases still on the wreck
Decompressing near the drop tank

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  1. I understood Médoc was classified war grave in respect those who never survived the attack .

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