Battery Buoy

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

Four divers went to Battery Buoy today (Sunday 22 September 2019). Pairs were Richard Knights & Stephen Lewis, and Richard Baker & Catherine Gill. There was quite a brisk breeze, but the forecast rain did not materialise, and we even saw a bit of sun. Vis in the surface layers was poor, but around 8m at depth. Catherine and I saw 6 large lobsters, a conger, huge shoals of pouting, and a cuttlefish. Richard K and Stephen were lucky enough to see a gurnard and thornback ray. Maximum depth recorded was 33m, and dive times were 41 minutes (rebreather pair) and 62 minutes (open circuit pair). Very unusual! Temperature at all depths was 16 degrees C. I found a large modern anchor, and had put a lift bag on it before Catherine pointed out that it was attached to a yacht above. Could have been a bit embarrassing! Thanks to Richard K for launch and retrieval of Tornado, and Longroom for their co-operation.

2 thoughts on “Battery Buoy

  1. It was a terrific dive – many thanks to Richard Baker for organisation and dive manager and to the others for their company.

  2. Aha!. That’s because us rebreather divers work with the guidelines. We got separated – so up we came.

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