Charlwood – 5 Jan 19

Making the most of the excellent weather conditions, six of us took the Tornado out past Hand Deeps to the wreck of the Charlwood. This is also known as the glass wreck due to the vast quantity of low quality glassware it was carrying when sunk in 1891 following a collision. It now lies in 60m on a flat seabed.

On the way out we had an unexpected encounter with a small fishing vessel that had lifted a very large propeller whilst recovering their pots. Hopefully this will end up preserved and displayed somewhere for everyone to see.

Otherwise the day went well with vis in the 5m+ range and water temperature that easily allowed for 80 minute run times. Two divers completed OC trimix training and the dolphins on the return journey were another bonus for a great day at sea.

Happy excited divers!
The Charlwood
On the way out we came across a fishing boat which had recovered this propellor from the Western end of the Breakwater.
The bowspirit now lies on the seabed as the bow is almost completely flat
The wreck is absolutely crammed with bottles, glasses and panes of glass
Paul D on the wreck
Pete D on the ascent completing his stops
The second wave getting kitted up ready to go
Surface conditions simply could not have been better
Dolphins on the way back are always a nice bonus

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