Vobster Quarry 10th February 2019

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

We braved a cold miserable wet day at Vobster, got there before 9am and found it was buzzing with dive clubs and dive training schools.
Vis was not too bad – a good 10m+ the water temperature around 6/7c but felt like 0c!!  
Due to all the diver trainees being around the interesting stuff – we decided to go around the perimeter of the quarry which actually is very interesting. Fallen trees with branches covered in mussels and lots of Perch swimming amongst them. Lots of other interesting stuff that has been dropped over the side as well. We survived a 50 minute dive, and came back to a very welcome mug of hot drinking chocolate followed by big burger for Robin and a cheesy beany jacket potato for me.

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