Monday Meeting

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

We had a happy throng at the Borringdon Arms last night. A surprise visit from the chairman did not prevent my inaugural chairing of this meeting.

We had the report of the dive of the Afric with tales of porpoises, dolphins and pilot whales to enhance an already spectacular event.

Unfortunately MBC have raised the issue of parking in the yard once more. Their view is that only the towing vehicle can enter while we maintain that because our gear is very heavy it is not safe to transport it down the steps. Please use your common sense and if you are able to carry your gear please do so without risk of injury to yourselves.

The equipment officer stated there is a new larger winch on the ribcraft. He has put out a separate email on the subject.

Although there was nothing new from membership there was a question about guest members diving. The diving officer is putting together some amendments for the committee on the subject of guests and guest diving.

The new website is live and is getting populated from the old one please visit it.

The Facebook page is another place to visit and LIKE. It is our window to the world and a good way of getting good media coverage and potential new members.  A member was visiting Weymouth at the weekend and discovered that a local resident follows us and commented on the Afric dive.

The Training programme is now on the website with compressor operators course, O2/AED and Dive Rescue Management (DRM) planned before the end of the year.   There are still places available on the PRM on 10th Dec.

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