James Eagan Layne – 28 Oct 18

Plymouth Sound Divers at the Eddystone Lighthouse

Four divers (Keith, Wayne, Craig and Christine) took the Tornado to the James Eagan Layne in Whitsand Bay.  The plan to tuck ourselves into the coast to avoid the worst of the 25 mph forecast NE winds worked. Unfortunately the wreck is not-quite as always as the bow seems to have twisted back on itself (not the pic.).

Wayne and myself had a 57 min. dive while Craig and Christine clocked-up 75 mins. Up to 6m vis. and 14.5 deg. C. Had to use a (fully charged) non-Canon battery and it died after about 20 pics.

Close up of a John Dory – always great to see

Still incredibly atmospheric in the holds

Christine looking pleased she made the journey down!

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