Plymouth Sound Divers – Committee

The Committee is elected on an annual basis in order to form a decision making body for the club. The current list of members and their positions are shown below

Keith Hiscock

I have been a member of PSBSAC since 1999 and been diving since 1968. My main club interests are in going diving with a marine natural history ‘angle’ and in underwater photography. I have previously dived as a part of my work when I was undertaking marine biological surveys for the statutory nature conservation agencies between about 1977 and 1998.

Away from Plymouth, my diving has extended all around Britain and from Antarctic to Arctic waters and most of the popular overseas dive sites in between. I have authored or edited several books about marine life and conservation and, most recently, 'Exploring Britain's Hidden World: a Natural History of Seabed Habitats' published by Wild Nature Press in March 2017. I am not an enthusiastic administrator but my role as Chairman gives me an opportunity to help develop a super club that has access to the best diving in Britain.

Alan De La Mothe
Vice Chairman

I am returning to diving after a short break of 43 years, during which time diving equipment seems to have changed somewhat. I am progressing through my Sports Diver training at present, having passed my Ocean Diver course last year. Most of my diving experiences, beneath the oceans of the world, have been in a steel tube, courtesy of the Royal Navy Submarine Service.

Jon Parlour
Diving Officer

I joined PSBSAC in 1993, coming from Totnes SAC. With a longstanding interest in maritime archaeology, I was attracted to the club by the Metta Catharina project, which had been running for 20 years at the time. The project involved the survey and excavation of a timber-hulled vessel which sank in 1786. This project introduced routine nitrox diving and rebreathers into the club. When the project came to its conclusion in 2005, I took a more active role in other areas including the management of the club.

I have been diving since 1969 and have enjoyed many different aspects of diving over more than 45 years, particularly instructing and introducing people to new experiences. I completed my BSAC instructor training course in 1972, subsequently qualified as a First Class Diver in 1982 and have since progressed through instructor training to National Instructor in 1998.

My working life has been closely linked with diving, initially as a diver/supervisor in the Royal Navy (>1973), then moving on to commercial inshore work and finally to police diving (>1979). Since 2004 I have employed full time as Training Officer at the Diving Diseases Research Centre, now DDRC Healthcare. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to dive all around the world from Arctic Norway to Australia and still enjoy returning to the great variety of dive sites around the British Isles.  

Plymouth Sound is a very active club with much to offer, including a wide range of local diving, trips away and social events.

Paul Grainger
Honorary Treasurer
Angi de la Mothe
John Shelley
Equipment Manager
I was born in the West Midlands a long time ago,( ie 1948), and started diving with Wulfruna BSAC in 1967. I moved to Plymouth in 1986 and joined RNAD dive club at Ernesettle. RNAD later changed their name to Mountbatten Divers, and I continued to dive regularly with Mountbatten Divers until the club disbanded. I then joined Plymouth Sound BSAC and dive as often as I can. I am an Advanced Diver, and still enjoy everything about diving, apart from the "politics".
Tony Hillgrove
Safeguarding Officer
Ben Morgan
General Member

I started diving with PADI whilst still in school. This ultimately led me to gain my instructor qualification and teach on the Great Barrier Reef. Upon returning home I attended Cardiff University Medical School where I crossed over to BSAC and was an active member of Cardiff University SubAqua Club.

Having graduated from MedSchool I specialised in diving & hyperbaric medicine and currently work for DDRC Healthcare.

When I'm not diving with the club I'm normally holding the on-call phone to assist with any diving emergencies and arrange recompression.

Chris Shelley
General Member
Will Schwarz
General Member
I started diving at about the age of seven using two lemonade bottles and a garden hose and quickly learnt about both hypercapnia and the need for pressurised cylinders. This was never an obvious problem for James Bond. After getting qualified with Swansea Yacht and Sub Aqua at the age of 14 I have progressed as both a BSAC and PADI diver and instructor.

My passion is deep wreck diving on my rebreather regularly organising this sort of diving for the branch along with shallower wreck diving.