Previous Dives

A list of previous dives that you may have missed!

Deep Week 14 – 20 Aug

Start date: 14/08/2020

End date: 20/08/2020

Time: TBC

Organiser: Dom Robinson

TBC, subject to easing of government restrictions

Aim for East Point, August Conseil, Silver Laurel, Afric, etc

2020 Malin Technical Trip

Start date: 18/07/2020

End date: 25/07/2020

Organiser: Dom Robinson

This trip will use and their boat the Laura Dean to dive wrecks in the depth range 70-90m off Malin Head, Co Donegal.

Medoc (52 m)

Date: 08/07/2020

Time: 0830 Meet

Organiser: Dom Robinson

Weds Dive

Date: 08/07/2020

Time: 1000 Meet

Organiser: John Shelley

Location suitable for all

East Point (68 m)

Date: 07/07/2020

Time: 0700 meet

Organiser: Dom Robinson