COVID19 – PSBSAC Boat Diving Aide Memoire

Divers are expected to have read the BSAC Covid guidance in full and have a working knowledge of this. This document is a shortened version to act as an aide memoire onsite only and does not serve to replace any official BSAC or Government documents. You must agree to comply with any current BSAC guidance and adhere to current safe diving practices.

Guidance reduces the risk of Covid 19 transmission but does not eliminate it. There will be situations where distancing is not possible such as zipping up, getting on the boat post dive etc-and of course emergencies. If you are not comfortable with this level of risk-do not attempt to attend or dive. Remember you are accepting a level of personal risk by attending and diving – no one can make this decision for you and you should not judge others on their decision to dive or not dive. At all times from entering the Mount Batten Site to leaving it at the end of the day, a face-covering is to be worn as much as practicable.


Do not turn up on the off chance of a dive. Space is STRICTLY restricted to 4 people on the Tornado and 6 on the Ribcraft so dives must be booked in advance.

Ensure personal fitness/no covid 19 symptoms and are well.  Ensure dive is suitable depth/difficulty if you have not been in the water recently.  This includes potential failsafe secondary dive sites.

Assemble your kit, bring only what you need and not lots of spares.  Your food/drinks and personal kit should remain in your bag and not the communal box-make sure you bring waterproof bags for this.  Do not share food or drinks. It is strongly encouraged to carry an independent emergency gas supply such as a pony/sidemount/bailout.

Bring warm gear if needed and do not use the ‘club communal’ foul weather gear.

Face -coverings are mandatory as much as is practicable, neoprene style is likely to stand up to the weather best.

Bring your own alcohol gel for use after any and all contact with other kit/others in general.  Regular use is also encouraged.  Latex/nitrile gloves are not recommended as they are not changed between each task/contact with kit etc.


Move boat + spray with soap solution (provided) including jockey wheel handle and mounting cup and rinse after at least 1 min, wash or gel hands after/hitch up maintaining distance.

Leave your car outside the boat yard pontoon loading area until ready to unload.  Unload your kit and put it on the boat yourself if you can, if not a buddy may assist taking care not to touch regs/valves. Handwashing or gel MUST be done immediately afterwards.  Buddy ‘chains’ are not to be done.

Kitting up-beware of downwind positions and zipping up etc. You do not want to be in the slip stream of your buddy’s breath.

Brief-maintain distancing throughout.  Ensure personal position on boat is discussed during pre dive brief to maintain distance during transit.

Returning to base:

Maintain distance, consider kit weight and locations it is stowed to help keep the boat on the plane.

Trailer the boat maintaining distance.

Unload kit-wash onsite with your own soap-based agent (leaving to soak for at least a minute) or load into your car ready to do at home.

Spray the boat with soap solution (provided) and leave for at least 1 minute whilst flushing the engine.  Rinse boat.  Put back in the store.

If you or anyone else diving experience Covid 19 symptoms (persistant cough, loss of smell/taste or fever) within 7 days it is your duty to inform those you met on the day of the dive to arrange self-isolation as per current guidance.


No liability for kit/loss/damage is accepted by the club from using this guidance.