Following a request from members, a set of boat diving guidelines has been drafted and agreed by the committee. Considerable time an effort has gone into these and many thanks go to all members of the club who volunteered to proof read and add points of note. These are evolving documents and if there is anything that members feel that we have missed please contact the Chairman or Diving Officer

The guidelines are based around the BSACs documentation, however, have been adapted to our branch and our style of diving. They will be updated these as the official guidance changes, however, if anyone wishes to assist then this would be greatly appreciated by the Chairman and DO.

The guidelines are designed to assist in keeping our members as safe as practicable during the Covid crisis/chaos. However, this will only work if all members follow both the guidelines and the spirit in which they were written. They are to be used in conjunction with both the Government rules and BSAC guidelines. The latter is particularly important and should be studied closely.

There are two sets of guidelines: