Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The information below should answer most questions that you might have but, if not, then please contact us.

Yes, welcome divers who have learned to dive with other training  agencies and can offer BSAC crossover training programmes which allow you to build on what you already know.

Yes. Your qualifications from other organisations are accepted by us. It is also fairly simple to gain crossover BSAC qualifications based on what tickets you have from other groups. For instance, a PADI Rescue Diver would be recognised as the equivalent of a BSAC Sports Diver.

We are not running any Ocean Diver courses at present. But welcome all newcomers to the sport to join our club wherever they have trained. What we also offer is a range of skill development courses as well as training to gain higher qualifications.

We visit wrecks and reefs down to 50 metres on air and using nitrox for accelerated decompression. We also visit these sites using open circuit trimix and rebreathers beyond 40-50 metres depth.

We welcome all divers so long as they are qualified to use their equipment. We will recognise tickets from other organisations like TDI, IANTD, PSI etc.

The visibility is usually good for British waters, it can often be as much as 20m but more generally about 5m to 6m and very rarely less than 2m.

Literally all. We do dives on some of the reefs inside Plymouth Sound where you won’t get into double figures of metres, which – although not too adventurous – do teem with life. At the other end of the spectrum we have a technical diving group which are diving sites deeper than 60 metres.

Plymouth is blessed with a huge range of dive sites from the shallowest reefs to technically demanding wrecks. We visit more than 50. We are expanding our range and this year have added 5 new sites to the rota.

Plymouth Sound prides itself on being a club for divers. There are dives at least every weekend of the year and up to eight a week, resulting in more than 1,000 divers in the water each year.

Certainly. Bring your up to date qualifications, medical and appropriate kit and join us for a dive. We run out at least each weekend and usually all you need to do is let the Dive Manager know that you wish to come.  This is best done via the contact form.

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