Eddystone (50º10.818?N, 004º16.006?W)

The Eddystone lighthouse is about 19km south of Plymouth Sound and offers diving from the shallow kelp-covered gullies on the north side to the rocky reefs on the south (the position given), where drop-offs reach depths of around 40m.

The Eddystone is great for both novice and experienced divers with its fantastic life and rock formations and is a frequent excursion for Plymouth Sound Dive Club. There are schools of bass and pollack, friendly cuckoo wrasse and plenty of crustaceans whilst the pink sea fans seem in far better condition than those on the more-often dived sites. The white shell gravel that is characteristic of the Eddystone reefs reflects the light to make the location superb for photography and its distance offshore means that visibility is often excellent.

The Eddystone can be dived at any time during neap tides, but diving at slack water is advised during springs: it falls two and a half hours after high and low at Devonport. By Debbie Bauckham

All underwater images ©Keith Hiscock

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