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We are an active Branch and dive throughout the year as often as members want to turn out! Dives are arranged weekly at our Monday evening meeting. Wreck Diving, Reef Diving, Drift Diving, Deep Diving, Scenic Diving, Night Diving etc. - all depending on our members' interests and capabilities. In the main diving season, diving takes place virtually every day with several dives each weekend day. Most diving is within a range of 15 miles from Plymouth Sound. Regular away trips take place to other parts of Devon and Cornwall. Members also arrange trips abroad. Launching from our base at the Mount Batten Centre could not be easier. The centre has changing facilities, hot showers, bar and food usually available all day. As a Plymouth Sound BSAC member you have centre membership as well with its discounts and privileges. For frequently asked questions please click here.

We have many Nationally Qualified Instructors and offer the full range of BSAC Courses for Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver. We can  even provide your equipment for the early stages of your training. Our wide range of members interests, expertise and qualifications means that we can also offer a wide range of BSAC Skill Development Courses - Boat Handling, Nitrox & Advanced Nitrox, Oxygen Administration, Practical Rescue Management, Search & Recovery, Marine Life Identification, First Aid for Divers, Lifesaver & Advanced  Lifesaver Awards to name a few. 

Club Chairman, Officers and Committee Members with special responsibilities:


Kieth Hiscock, Club Chairman -I have been a member of PSBSAC since 1999 and been diving since 1968. My main club interests are in going diving with a marine natural history ‘angle’ and in underwater photography. I have previously dived as a part of my work when I was undertaking marine biological surveys for the statutory nature conservation agencies between about 1977 and 1998. Away from Plymouth, my diving has extended all around Britain and from Antarctic to Arctic waters and most of the popular overseas dive sites in between. I have authored or edited several books about marine life and conservation and am currently (February 2017) working on another. I am not an enthusiastic administrator but my role as Chairman gives me an opportunity to help develop a super club that has access to the best diving in Britain.


Greg Partridge, Diving Officer - I started diving 23 years ago and in that time I have been fortunate enough to visit some fantastic dive sites. These range from the Ascension Islands, Red Sea, UAE, Seychelles, Gibraltar and Cyprus to even better ones like Scapa Flow, Portland, Penzance, Falmouth and, clearly the best of all, Plymouth!!!I have dived some epic Plymouth sites from the JEL to the M1 and truly believe that we are in a privileged position to have such a fantastic variety of diving on our doorsteps. It will be great to see all of these sites being visited again this year and, with the help of Rob Jackson (Training Officer) and our instructors, help all ability of divers progress their qualifications.

I am very enthusiastic about all aspects of diving and wish to encourage as much safe diving as I can. As the club plans for the coming season unfold, I believe that 2017 will be a year to remember!



John Shelley, Equipment Officer - I was born in the West Midlands a long time ago,( ie 1948), and started diving with Wulfruna BSAC in 1967. I moved to Plymouth in 1986 and joined RNAD dive club at Ernesettle. RNAD later changed their name to Mountbatten Divers, and I continued to dive regularly with Mountbatten Divers until the club disbanded. I then joined Plymouth Sound BSAC and dive as often as I can. I am an Advanced Diver, and still enjoy everything about diving, apart from the "politics".

Paul Grainger, Honorary Treasurer.









Anthony "AJ" Miller, Secretary - Despite growing up in Falmouth and spending much of my time on the water I only took up diving when at University and instantly got hooked. Unfortunately that is now some time ago! I am an Advanced Diver, Advanced Instructor and Instructor Trainer.


I have had the opportunity to dive in some fantastic places over the years, not just in the UK but also overseas and I have recently made the transition from Open Circuit to CCR.


I relocated back to the West Country in 2014 and joined Plymouth Sound BSAC, where I was instantly made welcome - it is a fantastic club, with fantastic facilities, in a fantastic location.



Alan De La Mothe, Membership Secretary - I have only recently grasped the mantle of Membership Secretary, after volunteering for a General Committee member post at the AGM.

I am returning to diving after a short break of 43 years, during which time diving equipment seems to have changed somewhat.

I am progressing through my Sports Diver training at present, having passed my Ocean Diver course last year. 

Most of my diving experiences, beneath the oceans of the world, have been in a steel tube, courtesy of the Royal Navy Submarine Service.

Please feel free to contact me for any membership enquiries. 

email delamothe@blueyonder.co.uk




Rob Jackson, Training Officer